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Call for Papers

2021, 3rd IMITEC Conference



The Faculty of Computing and Informatics at the Namibia University of Science and Technology is the host for the 2021, 3rd IMITEC conference.


The theme of the conference is “Imagining the future”. We have seen current catastrophes, Tsunamis and Pandemics. What does the future look like? What will be the future pandemics? “COVID – FUTURE”? In this theme we welcome authors who bring forward innovative ideas, visions, dreams and imaginations of alternative solutions for the future. Of note, the theme anchors on the 2nd edition of the IMITEC conference “From Kilobyte to Exabyte”.  


To cater for a broad audience the 2021, 3rd IMITEC conference will include the following:


i.    Preliminary workshops on cutting-edge topics,

ii.   Research paper sessions and

iii.  Keynote addresses.


Authors are invited from all over the world to submit previously unpublished work for possible presentation at the 2021, 3rd IMITEC conference. All papers will be evaluated based on the criterion:

i.        Originality,

ii.      Depth and relevance to the conference themes,

iii.    Technical and scientific merit,

iv.    Clarity and vital insights and

v.      Potential for long-term impact.


New-idea papers are particularly encouraged.


Papers will undergo double-blind peer reviews by an international panel of experts to ensure that only high-quality papers are admitted in order to attract interesting and thought-provoking sessions at the conference. All submissions must be in English as it is the official conference language and all accepted conference papers will be published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


Papers primarily dwelling on the following themes are invited:


Data Sciences and Engineering

  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics
  • Statistical Models for Data Science
  • Mathematical Models for Data Science
  • Computational Models for Data Science


Multimedia Computing and Technologies

  • Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency and Computer Forensics
  • Internet-of-Things, Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance
  • 4th Industrial Revolution-Related Innovations


Data Visualization

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • 3D Modelling, Animation, and Computational Modelling
  • Pattern recognition, Image processing and Simulations


Artificial Intelligence

  • Swarm Intelligence, Agents and Robotic Devices
  • Machine Learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement and Pattern Analysis
  • Semantic Computing.


Informatics and Decision Making

  • Health Informatics
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Healthcare Informatics & Decision Making
  • Cognitive Informatics & Decision Making 


Security in Data Sciences

  • Cryptography, Computer Security, Network Security and Cyber Security
  • Computer Crime Analysis and Prevention
  • Legislation & Compliance, Laws & Ethics
  • Digital Trust, Reputation, Policies and Threat Patterns


ICT for Development & Society

  • ICT in Agriculture, ICT for Climate Change & Environment
  • e-Governance, e-Education, e-Health, e-Banking, e-Commerce, e-Business
  • Edutainment, Digital Divide, Digital Exclusion and Digital Identities
  • ICT Policies, Infrastructure and its Impact on Society
  • ICT in Early Childhood Education, Schools, Higher Education, etc.
  • Innovations in e-Learning, Mobile Learning, Social Media


Computer Systems, Networks & Applications

  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Knowledge-Based Systems and Knowledge Discovery
  • Recommender Systems and Applications
  • Emerging Network Technologies
  • Mobile and Wireless Communications
  • Smart Sensor Networks, Smart Grid, Homes & Cities


Digital Engineering & Applications

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Microwave & Radio Frequency Circuit Systems
  • Power, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics and Energy
  • Autonomous Drones & Underwater Vehicles
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles
  • Network Algorithms and Performance Evaluation
  • Reliability and Fault Tolerance

The maximum paper length of 8 pages will be strictly enforced and anonymized PDF files must be submitted for review.